Televisual Link Gucci Gift Giving 2021
"Snake Angel"
12/11/2021 View Placement

Gucci Gift Giving 2021

Description: Brand Ambassador and South Korean singer-songwriter and actress IU @dlwlrma showcases the House’s selection of gift ideas for the holiday season in a colorful video set against the backdrop of a fairytale-like landscape.

Future Colors Link Burberry | Jeju Island
The Animals at Night
"The Mountains of Pluto"
11/21/2021 View Placement

Burberry | Jeju Island

Description: Escape to a new reality with our immersive experience on Jeju Island, South Korea. Kick-starting a five-year partnership with the Jeju Olle Foundation that will support the continued preservation of the island, the experience will be certified carbon neutral. Discover more at

Debut EP Link Bum Rush Tour / Jax Pier, Jacksonville Beach, FL
Drug Cabin
11/18/2021 View Placement
Sun Bum

Bum Rush Tour / Jax Pier, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Description: Despite a packed lineup of pros warming up for the contest that day, it was “Hair Flip” who really stole the show. See how judges Carissa Moore, GiGi Lucas, and Kylie Pulcini picked the latest Bum Rush champ.

Post-World Link Calvin Klein Jeans & Park Seo Joon
Jonny Cat
11/11/2021 View Placement
Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Jeans & Park Seo Joon

Description: Calvin Klein Jin has unveiled the 2021 fall/winter campaign with actor Park Seo Joon. Park Seo Joon, who drew attention with the news that he recently departed for a Hollywood movie appearance, created a comfortable and calm atmosphere with denim and outerwear, naturally expressing the Calvin Klein Jeans Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

Calling Link The Imagined Landscapes Experience: Jeju Island
11/01/2021 View Placement

The Imagined Landscapes Experience: Jeju Island

Description: The first ever immersive brand experience in Jeju Island, Korea. An ephemeral destination where nature merges with technology – as part of our series of inspirational pop-ups across the globe showcasing our new outerwear collection.