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We're a music licensing platform that gives you access to a multitude of paid brand, film, game and other opportunities. Here are some things you should know about us. We're…

Income Generators. As ex-working musicians ourselves, it's important to us that artists and rightsholders are compensated fairly for use of their works. That's why, with the exception of those for charities and other non-profits, every opportunity in BrandsForBands is paid (and why we advocate aggressively with clients for solid fees).

Non-Exclusive. Want to keep your music placement options open? No problem. Just think of us as another arrow in your quiver.

Hands-off. We generally don't take a piece of license fees, so 100% come to you. (We get paid by our clients to source and license music for them.)

Accountable. We meticulously track all uses of your songs, notifying and paying you when they occur, and providing detailed information about each placement.

Evolving. We're one of the most advanced music licensing platforms in existence, and we're always adding new features to help you manage your catalog, increase efficiency and get paid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BrandsForBands?

Initially launched in 2009 and rebuilt from the ground up in 2013, BrandsForBands is one of the most advanced music licensing platforms in the world, serving both those who represent music for licensing (Providers) and those who want to license it (Clients). On the provider side, we empower established record labels, music promo companies, song pitchers, publishers, artist managers, and artists to quickly and easily submit, license and manage their music for inclusion in paid brand, film, game and other opportunities. On the Client side, we provide brands, ad agencies, video production houses, filmmakers and music supervisors with affordable and fully licensed music from real artists and labels. BrandsForBands is 100% owned and operated by Brandracket, LLC, a Los Angeles-based music creative and licensing agency with over 20 years of experience in music licensing and supervision.

Why'd You Build It?

If there's ever been a process in desperate need of disruption, it's music licensing. It's slow, complicated and tedious, and can reduce the most seasoned pro to tears. We built BForB with a simple goal: to modernize music licensing and drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. We've made good progress, but there's still a lot more to come. Stay tuned.

Is BrandsForBands a music library?

No. Unlike traditional music libraries that use blanket licenses, we allow you to choose who can use your music (via opportunity opt-ins). Full control for music owners is a huge part of our philosophy. On the client side, we offer all the convenience and features of a music library (robust search functionality, pre-licensed music, playlist sharing, etc.), but with music from established artists, bands, labels and publishers - the ones that music fans know and care (and tweet and post) about. This translates to better and more compelling client content, and allows clients and artists to leverage each others' popularity to reach new audiences.

How does it work?

We set up paid opportunities around our clients' music needs (for example, a brand needs music for their web videos). Music rightsholders and reps choose which opportunities they want to license their music for, then sign the licenses electronically. Clients browse and search songs licensed for their opportunities, and when they find one they like, they can download it and use it immediately per the fee and rights stipulated in the licenses. When one of your songs is used, we'll send you a notification and request an invoice. See more on opportunities below.

Am I Required To License My Music For Opportunities?

No. While we strongly encourage you to pre-license your music for opportunities (it will greatly increase the chances of it being selected by our clients), you’re not required to do so. Instead, you can simply upload it to the system for us to pitch to clients, and for them to discover on their own. If/when they want to license one of your songs, you'll receive an email notification either from the client or BrandsForBands admin inviting you to license the song. You can then either accept or decline the invitation. If a negotiation is required, we can do that offline.

Does It Cost Anything To Use BrandsForBands?

No. BrandsForBands is 100% free for music rightsholders and reps.

Are You Exclusive?

No. Think of us as just another way to get your music licensed. That said, you must be invited to use the platform.


Absolutely. As ex-working musicians ourselves, it's important to us that artists and rightsholders be compensated — and fairly — for use of their works. That's why, with the exception of those for charities or other non-profits, every opportunity in BrandsForBands is paid (fees are listed in the description and of course the licenses themselves). Most licenses also stipulate that a song credit must be included with each use. This combination of cash + credit ensures that artists derive real value from use of their music.

How Much Will I Be Paid?

License fees can vary greatly from opportunity to opportunity, depending on the rights. That said, minimum all-in fees are in the hundreds.

Does BrandsForBands Take A Cut?

No. 100% of all license fees are paid to rightsholders. We get paid by our clients to source and license music for them.

How Will I Receive Payment?

Most domestic license fee payments are issued by us on behalf of our clients via check, with foreign payments executed via PayPal (or wire transfer if necessary).

Do I Have To Use BrandsForBands To Submit And License Music For THe Opportunities In The System?

Yes. Given the number of music providers we work with, we can't consider music submitted via Soundcloud, DropBox, ZIP file, email attachment, or other delivery method. BrandsForBands features lots of functionality aimed at making the process of uploading and licensing music as fast and efficient as possible (including batch song uploading, rightsholder info copying, and bulk song licensing). In addition, uploading a song to BrandsForBands means it's visible to ALL of our clients, greatly increasing the likelihood of it being licensed. If you're interested in having your music made available for the opportunities in the system, we ask that you submit it using the tools that we've provided.

How Many Songs Can I Upload?

As many as you want, provided you genuinely think they'll be of interest to our clients. We do reserve the right to delete uploaded music that isn't a good fit with our clients' needs.

I Don't Control All Of The Rights To The Music That I Represent - Can I Invite The Other Rightsholders Into The System To License Their Shares?

Yes. BrandsForBands can accommodate multiple rightsholders (as well as % control and territory splits) at the individual song level. When you upload a song you'll be asked to identify all of the rightsholders and their specific rights. Once all rightsholders have been identified and confirmed, you'll be able to invite each other to license the song for opportunities. As with "offline" licenses, all rightsholders must approve the use and sign their respective licenses before a song is fully licensed and made available for a given opportunity. Once a song is fully licensed for an opportunity, one or more rightsholders can unlicense their share of the song at any time (thereby making it unavailable for the opportunity).

I Don't Control Any Of The Rights To The Music That I Represent - Can I Still Upload And License It For Opportunities?

Yes, assuming you've been granted explicit authority by the rightsholders to do that. During the upload process you'll be asked to tell us who the rightsholders are for each song. If you don't control the rights for a song, but you've been granted authority to license the rights, you can identify your company as the licensing representative. If you have not been granted licensing authority, you can upload the song but you can't license it for opportunities. If/when one of our clients wants to license the song, we'll contact you about how to best engage the rightsholders.

How Do I Sign Licenses In BrandsForBands?

All licenses in BrandsForBands are signed electronically with the click of a button, accelerating the licensing process from days and weeks to literally seconds. The electronically-signed licenses look identical to "offline" licenses, and include your specific rightsholder information, as well as all of the standard language and protections. Once you've signed a license in the system, it can be viewed, downloaded and printed at any time. You can also unlicense your share of a song at any time.

There Are Multiple People At My Company/Organization That Would Like To Use The System. Can We All Get Logins?

Yes. Once the first user's account is activated, they have the ability to set up and invite additional users.

What Opportunities Are Available For Licensing?

To see a list of active opportunities check the Opportunities section. We're adding more all the time.

How Do I Get Access?

To apply for a user account, please complete an application.

I Still Have Questions About BrandsForBands.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We'll get right back to you.

BrandsForBands is FREE!

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