BrandsForBands 2.0 Is Here!

Well, it only took us about a year and a half, but here it is, folks: BrandsForBands version 2.0. We're thrilled to launch this new version of the site, the product of months of planning, endless brainstorming and problem-solving, and major sleep deprivation.

If you're visting the site for the first time, you're probably curious about what exactly it is that we do. Check out the About section for a general overview and read the FAQ. And when you're done with that, fill out an application to submit your music. We'd love to share it with our clients if it's a good fit.

For returning users, this new system represents nothing short of a quantum leap forward. In fact, we're just gonna say it: BrandsForBands is now one of the most sophisticated online music licensing systems in the world. We've added a number of improvements and features, all aimed at making the process of submitting and licensing your music as fast, efficient and transparent as possible. Our goal is to provide you - our valued and awesome content partners - with an increasingly powerful tool to generate meaningful revenue in the face of ever-decreasing payouts from traditional sources.

And to our valued brand and creative clients - finding and licensing the perfect song just got a whole lot easier. We think you'll love this new system.

Finally, a huge high-five and shoutout of appreciation to Greg, Courtney, John, Michael, Daniel and the rest of the phenomenal team at our developer, JLOOP. We couldn't have wished for a better crew to help us make this vision a reality.

There are still a few nips and tucks to be made to the site, and we'll be rolling out additional features in the coming weeks and months. For now, we welcome you, one and all.

Tim Scanlin & Chris Parker
Co-Founders, BrandsForBands
April 8th, 2013

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Roxy-Ford Hawaiian Road Trip Webisodes

Our friends at Roxy, the women's apparel brand, are working with Ford Motor Company to produce a series of webisodes featuring 4 Roxy athletes exploring the Hawaiian island of Oahu in a Ford Fiesta. Roxy's looking for upbeat, fun, feel-good tunes from a number of genres. This is a paid opportunity to promote your artists and new releases to the audiences of these two massive brands. Deadline for opt-ins is May 17th. What are you waiting for??

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JanSport Mexico Needs Your MP3s!

We're thrilled to be working with the crew at JanSport (creators of the truly excellent Bonfire Sessions) to source and license promotional MP3s to be given away (via Dropcards) at retailers in major Mexican markets. JanSport is open to hearing all variations of Spanish- and English-language indie rock from recent, new and upcoming releases. This is a great paid opportunity to promote your artists and new releases to JanSport Mexico's young, music-loving audience. Deadline for submissions is Friday, May 17th.

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"Tracing Skylines" Ski Film!

The crew at Orange County-based digital production house Poor Boyz Productions are the undisputed masters of the ski film genre. Now they're looking for tunes to include in their next epic movie, Tracing Skylines. Deadline to opt into this paid opportunity is Friday, June 14th. Log in to read all about it!

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Marc Jacobs Wants Your Music

Very excited to announce that we're now sourcing music for use in promotional videos produced by global fashion powerhouse Marc Jacobs Int'l. These clips will be exhibited online via the MJ web site, YouTube channel, social media channels and affiliate sites, in MJ retail stores and at retail partners, and at industry trade shows and events. This is an excellent paid opportunity to promote your artists and new releases to MJ's huge, music-loving audience. Log in and get started!

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Recent placements & upstreams

Hey, pssst! Peep these recent placements of music uploaded to BrandsForBands. And note that we're not just talking about web uses here. Many songs uploaded to BForB are "upstreamed" to other uses (TV, theatrical) that pay a lot more money than standard promo web uses. Take a look at these clips and the stories behind how they happened, then ask yourself: are you using BrandsForBands??

Originally licensed via BrandsForBands only for use in Fox Head promo web videos, The Legendary Shack Shakers' "Dump Road Yodel" was chosen for inclusion in this profile of champion wakeboarder Reed Hansen that ended up as a :30 TV commercial. The result? A much bigger payout for the band and our friends at Colonel Knowledge Records.
  In addition to our beloved music partners, we're fortunate to work with a lot of super talented brand folks. Take our friends at Forever 21, for example. They created this amazing web promo featuring "Hundred Hearts" by Brooklyn's most excellent Zambri. Hats off to Kanine Records for pre-licensing the track for the "Forever 21 - Foreground" opportunity in BrandsForBands, thereby increasing their chances that the song would be placed. And it was!
Although we do a ton of synch placements here at BrandsForBands, it ain't all we do. Case in point: our recent work with JanSport sourcing and licensing songs to be given away as promotional MP3s by retailers in major Mexican markets. Music licensed via BForB for this paid initiative includes tracks from The Stone Foxes, Ivan & Alyosha, Futurebirds, and others. Check it out.
  Quiksilver was tooling around BrandsForBands one day when they fell in love with "The Deep" by dance/electronic duo Data Romance. We negotiated a deal with the band's rep, SQE, for use of the song in a video that's now being exhibited on HD TVs in 20,000 retail stores worldwide. This was a nice payday for the band, plus huge global visibility (via on-screen song credit). And to think, Quik never would've found the song if it hadn't been uploaded to BForB.
Roxy discovered "Indian Summer" by Norway's Highasakite the same way that our other clients find great new music - by surfing BrandsForBands. In addition to licensing the song for this web clip (475,000 views!) to promote their Dare Yourself social media contest, Roxy also asked us to negotiate a fee with the band's label, Riot Factory, to exhibit the clip in theaters. So what started as a standard web use turned into something more...including more money.
  Transworld Snowboarding, the Bible for all those who seek pristine powder, is hard at work on Nation, their next feature film. To get everyone pumped for the movie, they're producing a series of web videos, and they're combing BrandsForBands as we type looking for great stuff. Here's a recent clip featuring one of our favorite tunes, "Family Planning" by Pepper Rabbit, courtesy of Brooklyn's Kanine Records.
Up against a tight deadline, the production team at Fossil was thrilled to see that "Sunnyside", a delicious little ditty by LA-based Leftover Cuties, was pre-licensed in BrandsForBands by the band's rep, Westchester Productions, for immediate use in Fossil promo videos. The resulting clip (which includes a song credit) is a match made in heaven, and so damn cute it just might blow your mind. Happy Summer!
  Earth For Foxes is a small electro-pop outfit from Minnesota, but they've enjoyed several big placements courtesy of BrandsForBands. The latest: This web and TV spot produced by skate powerhouse etnies, who discovered the song by using BForB's robust song search functionality.
"Who's One For The Team?" you might ask. They're the band that just got paid to have their song "Hard For You" heard - and seen, thanks to a song credit - by almost 100,000 music-loving surfing enthusiasts in this recent video from Oakley's Pro Bali event. And it's a good thing the band pre-licensed the song in BrandsForBands; Oakley's editors downloaded it while sitting on the beach.   NYC-based hip-hop institution Nature Sounds uploaded Illmind's awesome instrumental "Champions" to BForB and pre-licensed it for the Fox Head Promo Video opportunity. Fox Head's editors found it and immediately put in their video. Now almost 70,000 people have watched the clip, and many of them are talking about the song. Fox Head got a song fast; Illmind and Nature Sounds got cash + new fans. This is what we do. This is BrandsForBands.

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A Case Study

With almost 150,000 views at this writing, Roxy's video congratulating team member Stephanie Gilmore featuring "Deathlehem" by GRVRBBRS is a great case study in how an artist or band can use BrandsForBands to leverage the popularity of a well known brand to reach thousands of potential new fans. Check it out...

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BForB to Broadcast TV

Recently, BrandsForBands provider 8D Sync/Eighth Dimension, a publishing company, record label, and artist management firm based in Florida, uploaded the song "Angel Eyes" by talented composer and electronic artist Eros. A couple weeks ago, Roxy, one of the world's premier women's apparel brands (and an avid BForB user) fell in love with the track and licensed it through us for use in a 30-second broadcast TV spot they're producing with Ford Motor Company. 

This kind of "upstream", i.e. a song being licensed for a higher-profile, more lucrative use, happens all the time in BForB. Our clients are in the system every day looking for the perfect song.

Interested in becoming a BForB music provider? Click here to "Apply"

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Case Study: XCEL Wetsuits & Dark Model

We were recently hit up by XCEL, one of the world's premier wetsuit manufacturers. They were looking for a song - something classy and dramatic, with a great build. We immediately sent them a BForB login and within a matter of hours they had a winner: "Requiem for an Angel" by Japanese outfit (and consistently awesome BForB provider) Dark Model. Because XCEL doesn't have an opportunity set up in the system, we negotiated a fee with the artist offline, based on the rights that XCEL needed. The result is this killer video for XCEL's new TD3 suit. First comment: "Sick music for the video." Uh-huh. (And notice the song credit adjacent to the video.) Ultimately, the entire process -- from XCEL first contacting us to an approved song use -- took 2 days.

This is a great example of 1) a client using BForB's robust search functionality to very quickly zero in on the perfect song and 2) a client licensing a song outside of an existing opportunity (which, as stated in the previous post, happens all the time).

So, if you're a brand, filmmaker, or other creative type in need of music, drop us a line and we'll send you a login so you can poke around and find the perfect song (by a real artist; production music is just so....uninspiring). 

If you're a music rep, complete the provider application so we can check out your stuff. C'mon. Do it.

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Poor Boyz Productions, creators of the hotly anticipated ski film Tracing Skylines, used BrandsForBands to source much of the music in the film (which is a co-production with Red Bull Media House). Although it won't be released until next month, don't fret - you can content yourself with this rad trailer, which features another BForB-provided track, "The Desert Won't Save You" by U.S. Royalty (brought to us by super awesome provider Ghost Town). We can't wait for winter!

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