Roxy-Ford Hawaiian Road Trip Webisodes

Our friends at Roxy, the women's apparel brand, are working with Ford Motor Company to produce a series of webisodes featuring 4 Roxy athletes exploring the Hawaiian island of Oahu in a Ford Fiesta. Roxy's looking for upbeat, fun, feel-good tunes from a number of genres. This is a paid opportunity to promote your artists and new releases to the audiences of these two massive brands. Deadline for opt-ins is May 17th. What are you waiting for??

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BrandsForBands 2.0 Is Here!

Well, it only took us about a year and a half, but here it is, folks: BrandsForBands version 2.0. We're thrilled to launch this new version of the site, the product of months of planning, endless brainstorming and problem-solving, and major sleep deprivation.

If you're visting the site for the first time, you're probably curious about what exactly it is that we do. Check out the About section for a general overview and read the FAQ. And when you're done with that, fill out an application to submit your music. We'd love to share it with our clients if it's a good fit.

For returning users, this new system represents nothing short of a quantum leap forward. In fact, we're just gonna say it: BrandsForBands is now one of the most sophisticated online music licensing systems in the world. We've added a number of improvements and features, all aimed at making the process of submitting and licensing your music as fast, efficient and transparent as possible. Our goal is to provide you - our valued and awesome content partners - with an increasingly powerful tool to generate meaningful revenue in the face of ever-decreasing payouts from traditional sources.

And to our valued brand and creative clients - finding and licensing the perfect song just got a whole lot easier. We think you'll love this new system.

Finally, a huge high-five and shoutout of appreciation to Greg, Courtney, John, Michael, Daniel and the rest of the phenomenal team at our developer, JLOOP. We couldn't have wished for a better crew to help us make this vision a reality.

There are still a few nips and tucks to be made to the site, and we'll be rolling out additional features in the coming weeks and months. For now, we welcome you, one and all.

Tim Scanlin & Chris Parker
Co-Founders, BrandsForBands
April 8th, 2013

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