"Dayumm" snowboarding film

We're very excited to be working with accomplished action sports filmmaker and videographer Joe Carlino on his upcoming short film "Dayumm", which chronicles the travels and unbelievable shredding of two of snowboarding's brightest lights: Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg and X-Games gold medalist Halldor Helgason. We worked with Joe previously to source tracks for "The Other Side", his 6-episode profile of Sage that features a variety of tracks from BrandsForBands (like "It's Been So Long" by These Machine Are Winning, featured in the trailer above). We can't wait to see what he comes up with this time.

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Set loose...on a Mongoose

We have many vivid and awesome memories of being 10 years old, tear-assing around the neighborhood on our Mongoose bikes. So it's with much excitement that we announce today's launch of a Mongoose opportunity in BrandsForBands. Their editors are looking to us to help out with music for promotional videos, and we're only too happy to oblige (and our 10 year old selves are pretty stoked, too). Funny how things come full circle. Welcome, Team Mongoose!

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AC Hotels by Marriott

We're excited to be working with our friends at NYC agency Figliulo & Partners to source songs for a suite of web videos they're producing for AC Hotels, the design-heavy, boutique hotel division of Marriott that caters to the more discerning traveler. So chic!

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JanSport Live Outside: Rio!

As one of the world's premier backpack and outdoor gear brands, JanSport is all about cultivating self-expression and the spirit of adventure to the fullest. They're also big believers in the transformative power of art and music. Their Live Outside Campaign aims to combine these two passions into a hyper-local happening with a truly global reach.

For the 2016 iteration of Live Outide, JanSport ventured to one of the most culturally rich places on the planet: Rio de Janeiro. We're excited to provide the tunes for a series of promo videos recapping all the action. Check out the teaser video above (featuring "Dirty Work" by Welshly Arms) for a glimpse of what's to come!

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Welcome aboard, Freeride Entertainment!

We're super stoked to launch an opportunity today for our friends at Freeride Entertainment, one of the world's premier action sports/outdoor production companies (you may know them from such mind-blowing films as "Where The Trail Ends" and "On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter"). In addition to their film work, they also produce branded content for clients like Oakley, Specialized and Skullcandy, and they're looking to BForB for some dope jams. We are more than happy to help out. A big welcome to the Freeride crew!

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Quiksilver & Roxy - New and Improved!

We have a real soft spot for Quiksilver and Roxy. Not just because they're two of our oldest and dearest clients, or because of their huge contribution to defining today's action sports landscape. We love 'em because they really value music and the artists who work so hard to create it (like UK prog-rockers Einstellung and MPLS-based Weird Visions, featured in the videos above). Today we're launching a new, combined Quiksilver and Roxy opportunity, one that features a lengthy schedule of rights options, each one of which is another opportunity for a great artist to get paid while having their music promoted to Quik and/or Roxy's huge, music-loving global audiences. So to Quik and Roxy we say: we've come a long way, baby, and here's to going a lot farther.

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Welcome, Otterbox & Lifeproof!

Anyone who's ever dropped their phone or tablet and picked up a shattered mess knows the importance of cases. And nobody knows cases - or sells quite as many of them - as Otterbox and its subsidiary Lifeproof. The former is the world's #1 seller of phone and tablet cases, while the latter specializes in cases for, shall we say, more aggro lifestyles. Both are looking to BForB for awesome tuneage for their promotional videos, and we're thrilled to help 'em out. Welcome aboard, teams Otterbox and Lifeproof!

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We're motor-ING!...with Alpinestars

We're really excited to launch an opportunity today for Alpinestars, one of the world's premier manufacturers of motorsports apparel and protective gear. They're looking to BForB to help them source music for use in promotional videos like the one above, featuring "Beat Slayer 1" by BForB's very own Grant Cutler. Welcome aboard, Team AS!

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BForB welcomes The Gap!

We're very excited to launch on opportunity for our new friends at The Gap. They'll be relying on BForB to provide top-shelf tuneage for inclusion in their web videos, as well as those produced by affiliate brands Old Navy and Banana Republic. For every generation there's a Gap. And for The Gap there's BForB!

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Some changes to BForB

As part of our ongoing efforts to make the experience of using BForB better, faster and more efficient, we occasionally implement additions, subtractions, changes and tweaks. Regular visitors will notice a few recent ones. Specifically:

1. We've reconfigured the home page to address both music providers and buyers. We figured that since we're in the business of licensing music to brands, filmmakers and other creative types, it might be a good idea to actually address them on the home page of the site. Yeah, ya think??

2. We've created separate info pages for both music providers and music buyers, including updated FAQs for both.

3. Brands and other music buyers, you can now quickly and easily apply for access to BForB using the handy client application. Simply complete the application and we'll get back to you with your login info immediately.

Registered users, you'll find a few additional changes next time you log in (we've also emailed you about them).

This stuff is all pretty minor; we've got some MUCH bigger changes and additions in store [fiendishly wringing hands], so stay tuned. For now, don't hesitate to hit us up if you have any questions.

The BrandsForBands Team

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