BForB 3.0: It's Happening

We're happy to announce that we've officially broken ground on the next iteration of BForB (version 3.0, if you wanna get nerdy about it), tentatively scheduled for launch in Q2 of next year. Both clients and music partners can expect a slew of new features, improvements to existing ones, and a full redesign. We're pretty damn excited if we do say so ourselves. In the meantime, if you're a client or music partner and you've got an axe to grind RE: something on the site (or just a friendly suggestion or two), by all means get in touch. No sense in us building this thing unless you're gonna love it. Onward!

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SPY Optic = Good Vibes

If you've spent any time outdoors, you know SoCal-based sunglasses, goggles and prescription frames brand SPY Optic. Their orange logo is ubiquitous, from ski slopes to motorboats, and everywhere in between. And their Happy Lens technology actually works to enhance your mood and alertness. They've been using music from BForB for a couple years now (see the clip above featuring PPT, courtesy of Idol Records), and we're excited to launch their very own opportunity today. Welcome aboard, Team SPY!

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Ride Your F#%king Bike!

Our friends at Fox Racing don't make a lot of films, but when they do, watch out. The 45-minute Ride Your F#%king Bike! is an epic - and epically entertaining - piece of action sports cinema. The film is first and foremost a tribute to the late great downhill mountain biker Stevie "Chainsaw" Smith, who died tragically last year in a motorcyle accident. But it's also a celebration of life and the simple joy of riding around on two wheels with your friends. We're excited to have 11 songs from BrandsForBands featured in the film, from La Chinga's eminently groovy "Mountain Momma" to Roah Summit's pensive "Paul Bunyan". Our hats go off to Fox for producing such an amazing and uplifting (and BTW, totally hilarious) tribute to their fallen comrade. Nice job, kids. Y'all rule.

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Vaughn Vance Is Here

Our first introduction to NYC-based filmmaker and content director Vaughn Vance was when he was heading up video production at Marc Jacobs, and the connection was immediate. I mean, the guy uses Fugazi lyrics as his video passwords. Beyond that, we were struck by his keen eye for composition and inspired song picks. So we're excited to kick off an opportunity for him today in conjunction with his new solo venture, working with clients like Bally Footwear and Diane Von Furstenberg, for whom he just produced the video above (featuring "Glory B" by BForB's Jordan Klassen). Welcome (back) aboard, Vaughn!

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Skullcandy Showdown

Our friends at leading headphone and portable audio brand Skullcandy are looking to BForB for some tunes to play during the webcasts of their upcoming Showdown battle of the bands series, the winners of which will go on to perform at this year's Warped Tour. Music peeps: is your stuff Shazam-able? If so, this is a great way to get paid while promoting your artists and releases. Check it!

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Welcome, Evil Bikes!

As cycling enthusiasts, it always warms our hearts to launch an opportunity for another bike brand. So put your hands together for Evil Bike Co., a Seattle-based mountain bike brand that's rider-owned, - designed and -operated. Not only do these guys make increadible bikes, they also have impeccable taste in music (referencing Motorhead, Misfits and our current faves, White Reaper in their brief to us). Here's the first clip we did with them, featuring another one of our faves, Freedom Hawk's "Land of the Lost" (play very loud). Welcome to BForB, Team Evil!

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....and Happy New Year!

Whoa. How is it mid-January already?? We're excited to kick off 2017. We've got some great new opportunities in the pipeline, and you'll see some major changes and improvements to BForB this year, all aimed at making the platform as efficient, easy to use and useful as possible to both our clients and music partners.

But we're also excited simply because we get to work with some of the best creatives in the world. Case in point: this Ken Roczen clip from our friends at Fox Racing and Shift.

The main track here is A$AP Ferg, which didn't come from BForB (we wish!), while the credits tune, from the most excellent These Machines Are Winning does come from us, courtesy of the great Idol Records. But where the music comes from misses the point, which is: this video is incredible. The product of 5 months of work by the Fox/Shift team, it exemplifies the magnitude and depth of talent we get to work with on a daily basis, across scores of brand creatives and filmmakers. We feel real lucky about that, and honored that these folks rely on us for top-shelf tuneage.

So we raise our glass to these hard-working warriors of video production (you know who you are). Here's to an outstanding 2017, one in which your melding of image and music continues to kick ass and blow minds. Onward!

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Happy Holidays!

We'd like to say a big "Happy Holidays" to all the great people we get to work with - clients, music partners, web developers and others on this journey - you know who you are. And what better way than to do it in song? Shout out to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky for his little ditty "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy", performed so excellently here by BForB maintstays The Mag Seven in a video produced by our new friends RED Digital Cinema. From us to you, may your holidays be bright and merry, and your 2017 utterly awesome.

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Updates, Schmupdates...

We got some cool stuff in the works, stay tuned...

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Hear ye! It's Herewith!

We're excited today to launch an opportunity for Herewith, a new "beach lifestyle" print and web magazine founded by three surf industry vets that we've worked with on and off for years. This ain't your mom's "coastal living" magazine - it's a modern take aimed at the discerning (dare we say "hip") beachgoer/ocean enthusiast. Herewith's editors are looking to BForB for indie, garage and dream pop (three of our faves!), and we're than happy to serve 'em up. Welcome, Herewith!

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