Pro Tip! It ain't just about the Opportunities...

Published on 04/17/2019 by BrandsForBands

Pro tip! In addition to those brands with (capital "O") Opportunities in BrandsForBands, there are many other music buyers cruising BForB on a daily basis, looking for music and with money to spend. In the last couple months we've placed songs with a wide variety of clients that don't have proper Opportunities listed in the system. These include Qualcomm, Vineyard Vines, Stance, Sun Bum, RED Hydrogen, Hill City, DC Shoes, Rockstar and others. So remember: it's not just about the Opportunities, kids. That's just the start! (Oh, and the song in the clip above? "Run Free" by the most awesome Heavy Cream, courtesy of our friends at Infinity Cat Records. Play loud!)