This Is What We Do: Danny & His Fantasy

Published on 08/12/2018 by BrandsForBands

You might not be aware, but BrandsForBands is invite-only. That is, prospective music partners must submit an application to upload their music to the platform. We get a lot of applications from a wide variety of record labels, third party synch reps, music publishers, and of course artists themselves. And every once in a while, something really amazing comes across our transom. Let us introduce you to Joey Joesph aka Danny & His Fantasy.

Joey submitted an application earlier this year and our good fortune at receiving it became apparent after about 30 seconds of listening to his stuff. We were instant fans and super excited to get his music live in BForB and in front of our clients. And as suspected, it didn't take long for them to take notice. Billabong and Skullcandy were the earliest adopters here - check their uses of "Also Flying" and "Maybe In The Morning" (at 3:04) above. We expect many more uses to come. 

This is how we source great music from great up and coming artists. This is how we create and manage mutually beneficial relationships between artists and brands (and filmmakers and game developers and anyone else who needs quality tuneage).

This is what we do.