This Is What We Do: Nike Swim & Mikey Wax

Published on 12/04/2017 by BrandsForBands

One of the reasons we started BrandsForBands was to further our mission of creating mutually beneficial relationships between artists and brands. And despite what cynics on both sides of that equation might tell you, it does in fact happen to everyone's satisfaction. Case in point...

Our friends at Perry Ellis (the US licensee of Nike Swim) hit us up looking for just the right track for their 2018 performance collection video. Based on their creative we did an outreach to our 700+ music partners (labels, publishers, managers, third party synch reps, and individual artists) and got back a number of great options. The winner was "Spaceman" from NYC-based pop artist Mikey Wax (with Stash Konig), pitched to us by the always-reliable crew at PEN Music.

In addition to the license fee they paid him, Nike Swim credited Mikey's song and linked to his web site in their social media posts about the video, thereby creating new fans. Meanwhile, Mikey tweeted to his almost 600,000 followers about the clip, and posted about it on Facebook for his 35,000 followers to check out, putting a lot of eyeballs on Nike Swim's new collection.

This is how we bring brands and artists together to the benefit of both. This is how we can help you. This is what we do.