Ride Your F#%king Bike!

Published on 04/08/2017 by BrandsForBands

Our friends at Fox Racing don't make a lot of films, but when they do, watch out. The 45-minute Ride Your F#%king Bike! is an epic - and epically entertaining - piece of action sports cinema. The film is first and foremost a tribute to the late great downhill mountain biker Stevie "Chainsaw" Smith, who died tragically last year in a motorcyle accident. But it's also a celebration of life and the simple joy of riding around on two wheels with your friends. We're excited to have 11 songs from BrandsForBands featured in the film, from La Chinga's eminently groovy "Mountain Momma" to Roah Summit's pensive "Paul Bunyan". Our hats go off to Fox for producing such an amazing and uplifting (and BTW, totally hilarious) tribute to their fallen comrade. Nice job, kids. Y'all rule.