Sun Bum Vs. Seasonal Affective Disorder!

Now that we've officially "fallen back", the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and winter is looming. But fear not! Sun Bum, one of our most favorite clients ever, is working hard to keep you in good spirits, like with this BTS clip about their hilarious CocoBalm videos, featuring "Ruby" by BForB's very own Drug Cabin. We love the 'Bum for a number of reasons: 1) they are unrelentingly upbeat and positive; 2) they have awesome taste in music; and 3) their products are THE BEST.

So if you're feeling down in the dumps because it gets dark at 5:00pm (seriously, what's up with that??), the SB crew is sure to cheer you up.

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BForB in Rage 2!

We're a little bit late in mentioning this, but we're excited to have four songs from BForB featured in Bethesda Softworks' hotly anticipated Rage 2 video game. Congrats to The Math Team, Sargent House Records, The Coo Coo Birds, and Bridge 9 Records for having their tunes included. New to the Rage world? Check this announcement trailer for which we licensed Andrew W.K.'s "Ready to Die". (You do know that our parent company Brandracket does traditional music supervision and clearance for web, games, films, etc., right? Yeah, we do that. Hit us up if you need help!)

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Pro tip! In addition to those brands with (capital "O") Opportunities in BrandsForBands, there are many other music buyers cruising BForB on a daily basis, looking for music and with money to spend. In the last couple months we've placed songs with a wide variety of clients that don't have proper Opportunities listed in the system. These include Qualcomm, Vineyard Vines, Stance, Sun Bum, RED Hydrogen, Hill City, DC Shoes, Rockstar and others. So remember: it's not just about the Opportunities, kids. That's just the start! (Oh, and the song in the clip above? "Run Free" by the most awesome Heavy Cream, courtesy of our friends at Infinity Cat Records. Play loud!)

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Bonobos & Women's History Month

We love working with progressive, conscientious brands, so when men's apparel retailer Bonobos reached out for help with a series of seven Women's History Month videos, we were happy to pitch some tunes. Ultimately "Real" by Fate Under Fire got the nod. Happy Women's History Month!

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Welcome, Bonobos!

If you're a guy under 40 you probably know men's apparel brand Bonobos, and their classy, custom-fitted threads. We're super excited to launch an opportunity for them today, and look forward to hearing some awesome BForB jams in their videos. Welcome, Team Bonobos - let's do this!

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This Is What We Do: Danny & His Fantasy

You might not be aware, but BrandsForBands is invite-only. That is, prospective music partners must submit an application to upload their music to the platform. We get a lot of applications from a wide variety of record labels, third party synch reps, music publishers, and of course artists themselves. And every once in a while, something really amazing comes across our transom. Let us introduce you to Joey Joesph aka Danny & His Fantasy.

Joey submitted an application earlier this year and our good fortune at receiving it became apparent after about 30 seconds of listening to his stuff. We were instant fans and super excited to get his music live in BForB and in front of our clients. And as suspected, it didn't take long for them to take notice. Billabong and Skullcandy were the earliest adopters here - check their uses of "Also Flying" and "Maybe In The Morning" (at 3:04) above. We expect many more uses to come. 

This is how we source great music from great up and coming artists. This is how we create and manage mutually beneficial relationships between artists and brands (and filmmakers and game developers and anyone else who needs quality tuneage).

This is what we do.

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HeroesHearth Esports!

As big gamers ourselves, we're thrilled to be working with the crew at HeroesHearth Esports (HHE) to provide music for their seasonal hype videos. HHE is the #1 Hereos of the Storm team in North America; we're excited to provide some epic jams to soundtrack their dominance. Welcome aboard, guys!

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Paid Internships!

We're looking for a couple paid interns to work out of our Pasadena, CA office 1 day a week. Ideal candidates are outgoing, affable, highly organized and super passionate about discovering new music. Please email a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

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New Brandracket site!

Happy New Year!

Did you know that BrandsForBands' parent company Brandracket is a full-service music supervision and licensing agency? You do now! We just launched a new web site. Check out our recent work, read our bios, and see what we're into. It all awaits you here.

Meanwhile, work on the next iteration of BrandsForBands continues. We have some big things in store, so watch this space!

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This Is What We Do: Nike Swim & Mikey Wax

One of the reasons we started BrandsForBands was to further our mission of creating mutually beneficial relationships between artists and brands. And despite what cynics on both sides of that equation might tell you, it does in fact happen to everyone's satisfaction. Case in point...

Our friends at Perry Ellis (the US licensee of Nike Swim) hit us up looking for just the right track for their 2018 performance collection video. Based on their creative we did an outreach to our 700+ music partners (labels, publishers, managers, third party synch reps, and individual artists) and got back a number of great options. The winner was "Spaceman" from NYC-based pop artist Mikey Wax (with Stash Konig), pitched to us by the always-reliable crew at PEN Music.

In addition to the license fee they paid him, Nike Swim credited Mikey's song and linked to his web site in their social media posts about the video, thereby creating new fans. Meanwhile, Mikey tweeted to his almost 600,000 followers about the clip, and posted about it on Facebook for his 35,000 followers to check out, putting a lot of eyeballs on Nike Swim's new collection.

This is how we bring brands and artists together to the benefit of both. This is how we can help you. This is what we do.

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